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About Us

Boho Entice is a lifestyle brand that creates and curates unique bohemian inspired handcrafted products.Boho Entice is formed by a group of USA based artists who share the love for making bohemian-inspired leather bags, macrame art, Home Décor, Graphics and accessories.   We have a close-knit and dedicated staff of eight employees, making our company feel more like a family.  Our highly experienced artisans are creative and passionate about their artwork and put a piece of their soul to each creation.Each product from our collection is one-of-a-kind and reflects our passion for nature and artful lifestyle.  we only use the finest quality of material to ensure that our products are as attractive as they are resilient.  We adhere to the highest standards of quality, and our goal is to make sure that you take as much satisfaction in using our products as we do in creating them.Every piece is handmade with care.

Eco-friendly, Handmade Leather Accessories for a Fashionable Parade!

At Boho Entice, we aim at empowering communities –one leather accessory at a time. At Boho Entice, we believe in utilizing resources from the immediate surroundings. We fashion art from everyday materials including plants, paper, sticks, and so more. We seek to empower the fashionable youth by presenting our handy collection of eco-friendly and handmade leather accessories in the modern world.

Boho Entice –Creating a New Heritage

Boho Entice is a famous eco-friendly leather goods and accessories brand with immense love for the environment. With our dedication to selecting a simpler way of living, we aim at honoring the long-lost tradition of curating high-quality leather products for the fashion-oriented buyers out there. We aim at providing men and women with a high-class leather brand that brings ultimate convenience and quality to your life and everyday experiences.

  • Obtain: Since our inception, Boho Entice has been obtaining eco-friendly raw materials from the environment all around to create the finest quality of handmade leather accessories for all purposes.


  • Transform: At Boho Entice, our ultimate aim is to create amazing lifestyle leather-based accessories and apparels by transforming useless waste materials and blending them with highly skilled, fashionable, and trained traditional craftsmanship.


Bringing Sustainable Luxury for Ultimate Fashion

Boho Entice is a famous lifestyle brand creating and presenting the unique Bohemian-inspired leather-based handcrafted products. To us, our brand name is everything. Just like a family tradition passed down through generations, we focus on taking forward the lineage of our age-old tradition of creating high-quality leather-based products and accessories. Through our product catalog, we wish to present something classic to the customers out there.

Boho Entice is a tribute to quintessential fashion sensibilities –blended perfectly with the modern-day interpretations in design, craftsmanship, and quality. Boho Entice offers a designer mix of ultimate style and craftsmanship –celebrating its era wherein glamour meets high-quality. Every handcrafted leather piece by Boho Entice is an expression of the finest individuality.

About us